The divine and immortal form of craft,
Expressed through the vision of our artisans!

About Us

There is no better love than that for art, letting your mind capture the essence of unique creations; a rather subtle form of poetry for your soul. At ‘Ratoomal’s’, it is all about letting the world amaze in the finest and elegant handicraft products sculpted from a wide range of materials like Wood, Paper Machie, Brass, Aluminium, Resin and Lac encompassing our comprehensive nature and expert artisan skills.

Being in the market for more than six decades, our designers and artisans have witnessed the historical revolution coupled with handicrafts and craftsmanship in the country, studding your spaces with our exemplary products; all entailing a story of its fabrication and existence.

For us, everything we create is for the love of art and luckily all our patrons believe in it too. We like to diversify the Indian art of modern handicrafts around the globe and in doing so we have established cordial relationships with our patrons in countries like the USA, Canada, Japan, Middle-East, Spain, Russia, UK, Brazil, Mexico, North America, South America.

Our collection is an inspiration taken from the cultural heritage bestowed to us by our ancestors combining its intricate elements with modern artistry skills and methodologies. Our artisans encapsulate all the minute details, reproducing a perfect and magnificent handmade craft and design for our clients.

For its not the words, But the art that does the talking!